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The Walnut Creek Half Marathon up near San Francisco, CA was my first half marathon after my first baby. So we traveled from Los Angeles up to the Bay Area (a long drive with a 6 month old!) and subsequently ran into a few snags throughout the experience. Here are some of the problematic occurrences:

So, as you can clearly tell from the hiccups associated with race day, I was not off to a good start (literally) in my half marathon. Needless to say, this was NOT how I imagined it would be! But somewhere amid the chaos (and especially after the chaos!), I can say that we had a fun trip and my race was a success. Here’s looking at it with the glass half full:

Luckily for me, a volunteer did return it to the bag-claim area, but it was 3 hours after the race ended, during which time we did a lot of waiting around for a volunteer (a wonderfully helpful woman named Kelly) to play phone-tag with the water table pick-up crew, I fed Little C behind all the post-race expo tents on the grass with my breast-feeding cover, for privacy AND WARMTH (remember, all my clothes are in the lost race bag!), and then I walked 2 blocks carrying a rapidly-growing (and thus no longer a lightweight) sweet baby in her car seat to the shuttle station so I could go back to the hotel and get ready for check-out (Daddy stayed at the race site in case the water station crew returned with my bag).  Finally when hubs and I were grabbing a quick lunch at Wendy’s (neither one of us were in spirits to find a healthier and more adventurous alternative on Yelp) before heading out of town, we received a call from Kelly saying she found my bag, woohoo!!! It was such great news after a stressful morning with what should have been a joyous celebratory post-race occasion. Oh well, lesson learned on my part (don’t ditch personal belongings at an event with hundreds of people!) and at least I PR’d (personal record): 1 hour 49 minutes, which is approximately 8:19 min/mile pace. This is pretty good for me, considering I did the first 2 miles at 9-ish min/mile pace and also stopped to stretch at one point. Granted this was only my second half marathon ever, but it felt like a feat!

  I think I’ve said quite enough here.  Looks like the commentary on the remainder of our  visit through Big Sur {beautiful hike!} and to San Francisco {ferry ride to Sausalito!} will have to be in another post. 

I remembered a couple of extra seemingly meaningless details…but may as well add them in!

1) The meal I ate for dinner the night before my race was PERFECT. We ordered in from a local Italian restaurant and I got eggplant spaghetti (spaghetti in regular marinara sauce with pieces of eggplant and grated parmesan). I knew I wanted to carbo-load some but didn’t want anything too heavy. Since I usually get a pasta dish drenched in a butter/garlic/cream and usually with chicken or other meat, I decided a vegetarian tomato sauce would be lighter and easier to digest. I was right! Or at least I felt great the morning of my race; not too heavy, not gassy/bloated and was energized throughout my race. Noted for next time 😄   2) I remembered that I had stopped a second time (or maybe it was my first time stopping?) when my OCD kicked in and I had to retie the shoelaces on my right shoe. You see, they were tied tighter than on my left, which drives me absolutely crazy. I just wanted to add this as another reason for potentially getting a faster time if I hadn’t stopped to retie my shoe 😉.

Until next time, Half Marathon! ✌🏻