Local classes in Jacksonville, FL


Well, we’ve been off the communications grid for the past few days, including internet access, social media, etc. Man, traveling internationally with our 7 year old, 4.5 year old, and 1 year old twins is no joke! In a 4 day span, we’ve passed through three times zones and spent 17 hours on a plane—2 of which were 6+ hour non-stop flights. We’ve been getting settled here in American Samoa and dealing with some emotional outbursts from the kids (which is to be expected, but doesn’t mean it’s easy!). Thankfully we’re finally catching up on some severe lack of sleep and getting onto the Samoan schedule…just in time to enjoy a few days here and then do it all over again next week on our way back home! Definitely worth it, but sometimes we’re second guessing ourselves 😂 🙈. 


However, moments like this—the beautiful island scenery and priceless experiences with my family. The Samoan culture & people and seeing old friends. And also my husband being able to volunteer at the local hospital…it all helps me remember why we are here ❤️.

And it may be that so far it has felt like a lot of work and a little bit of play, but overall we are so happy, sometimes giddy happy, to be back in Samoa 🇦🇸.