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Life on a Schedule

Command center, organization station…..whatever you want to call it, it’s nice having a dedicated area in the house to organize your life. For me,  it’s my “calendar corner.” What does it comprise of? Well, it has all the things to keep me organized on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I’ll break it down for you:

Physical & Spiritual Calendar

My “Physical & Spiritual” calendar keeps track of my goals for staying both physically and spiritually active. They are the 2 most important elements in my life that help me stay grounded and balanced. And when accomplished on a regular basis, they help provide a sense of control over the remaining areas in my life with the varying demands on my time. So if I can get these 2 goals knocked out each day (the earlier, the better!), then I am one happy camper!

Blogging & Content Calendar

This is where I write down my little ideas to share with all of you! Sure, sometimes I’ll just type out a quick blog draft online and finish it later, but I just love the visual effect of calendaring it all out by hand and having it in plain sight. If I can see the monthly plan, then I can execute the daily plan–and vice versa.

“Just Do It” List

Aside from taking notes from Nike’s slogan, the “Just Do It” List is for those projects I don’t really want to do…but still need to be done. For example, currently on my list is “scrub the bathroom floors”. Yes, they aren’t my favorite, but those floors are getting pretty gross (housecleaning isn’t my forte). I’m sure there are a few other tasks I could put on here, but due to their unwelcoming nature, I try to tackle just one at a time! Organizing your life doesn’t have to be daunting if we don’t make things harder than we need to!

Weekly Dinner Menu

Here is where I’ll take a look at the ingredients in my fridge and then figure what I need to purchase so I can arrange a few options for dinners during the week. I don’t like to plan for more than 4 or 5 meals because there are almost always leftovers for lunches and more dinners. Worst case scenario? We make quesadillas and salad. Or order pizza….can’t go wrong with an occasional pizza party to please the palates. Sorry, the alliteration got a little out of control there.  

That’s it! My little Calendar Corner keeps me on track to have an organized life by writing it all down and feeling a bit more accountable to own it. A few pretty decorations don’t hurt, either. Now…I get that this kind of setup might not be for everyone, or maybe you have your own planning system in place. But this is a great way to get started if you need to get a handle on life, especially when you feel like YOU are the one getting handled! You can start with one calendar and expand from there. Or if you don’t like it on paper, you can go completely green and use one of the many online planner systems, such as ClickUp or simply use your Google calendar (my husband and I sync our family schedule using Google).  My way isn’t perfect, and I don’t always accomplish everything according to plan, but that’s LIFE. My way is imperfectly perfect for me, and I hope you can find balance to organize your life in a way that’s perfect for you.

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